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The Storytelling Wardrobe (2016 – 2018)

I went to the fabric landfill. I put on a face mask, a pair of gloves and collected some of the waste.

Then, I separated the fabrics and yarns by picking each of them, one by one. In this process, I managed to select some of them that they were in ‘good’ condition. Then, I had to throw away almost 40% of them that were polluted and hazardous. For those being selected, I sanitized them in a UV-C light sanitizer for 15 mins. After that, I trimmed the fabric waste into strips. Some of the fabric were stretch fabric and some of them were non-stretch. For the stretch fabric, I had to stretch the strip to its maximum length. I intertwined each strip with yarn ends. The fabric waste in various colours merged, elongated and rolled into balls. Each yarn balls revealed what was once fashionable went unnoticed to the landfill. I used the up-cycled yarn as one of the mediums for the project. It is to tell that the land is being misused for the 'fat wardrobe'. I used the weaving loom to rejuvenate the unwanted materials to become a long cloth. About the motif in this artwork, I am working on an abstractive image of flowers blooming at a landfill. A mixed of traditional craftsmanship applied, such as hand-crochet, cut-hole, embroidered hem and appliqué.