Hypermorph Garden (2019)


Acrylics & Ink on canvas
162 W x 119 H x 5 D cm

Ships in a Tube

Hypermorph Garden (2019) was being selected for Social Art Award - Top 100 Book by Institute for Art and Innovation e.V., Germany

I thought of home gardens, community gardens and botanic gardens in the future. Climate changes, such as prolonged raining season, extreme hot weather and great temperature differences causes flood, forest fires, sickness and animals lost habitats. How are man-made, artificial gardens to survive in such circumstances? Where will be the parks and gardens for people?

I learned the concept of Muller’s morphs terms and I was particularly attracted to one of it: Hypermorph, which it means a mutation that causes an increase in normal gene function. Instead of depicting the scientifically proven images, I drew a surreal, metaphorical hypermorphed garden.

This painting is signed at the back and includes my Certificate of Authenticity.

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