I am a visual artist based in Kedah state, Malaysia. My calligraphic artworks take inspiration from the natural landscape and plants. It is a nostalgic reflection of my childhood spent in the Chinese herbal shop.

The vision provides me an endless inspiration to developing artworks, such as: the calligraphic floral paintings series, the extra-long interconnected paintings about the mangroves and upcycling worn-out fibres to make The Storytelling Wardrobe.

The 4 metres long storytelling painting installed on an optical canvas at the entrance corridor of the Royal College of Art Jay Mews campus, citing the following response from the panel of judges: ‘We very much enjoyed your proposal and presentation and thought there were a lot of interesting possibilities that may emerge from your works.

I continue to develop artworks concerning the natural landscape, within a more contemporary context.


  • 2021/22 | Virtual Art Exhibition: Sungai Petani BOLEH showcasing the interconnected paintings series: Hypermorph Garden 4.0. supported by CENDANA, MyCreative Venture Group and the Sungai Petani City Council, Malaysia.
  • 2021 | Virtual showcase of the Hypermorph Garden 3.0 Paintings Series, supported by CENDANA and MyCreative Venture Group, Malaysia.
  • 2021 | Showcase of the Hypermorph Garden 3.0 Paintings Series as Social Art for Public Spaces, the Institute for Art and Innovation, Germany.
  • 2020 | Hypermorph Garden 2.0 Virtual Exhibition. Supported by CENDANA Malaysia.
  • 2020 | The first Hypermorph Garden painting, selected for Social Art Award; and printed in the annual publication: Top 100 Book, the Institute for Art and Innovation, Germany.
  • 2019/20 | Calligraphic Floral Paintings by Fuen Chin. Vintners Place, London.
  • 2018 | Storytelling the Void in the Chinese Pictographic Writing System. [4 metres painting on optical canvas + storytelling audio]. Kensington Galleries, London.
  • 2018 | The Storytelling Wardrobe - Inheritance, Death, Absurdity I, Pause I, Absurdity II, Pause II. [Interconnected paintings on cotton rag papers + storytelling audio]. Studio RCA, London.
  • 2018 | The Storytelling Wardrobe III. [Paintings on worn-out papers + Chinese calligraphy on the dusty wall]. Garden house, London.
  • 2016 | The Storytelling Wardrobe II. [Installation: handwoven cloth + up-cycled yarn balls + audio piece + video documentary]. St James Hatcham Gallery, London.
  • 2016 | The Storytelling Wardrobe. [Installation: knit piece + up-cycled yarn balls + mixed-media collage]. Constance Howard Gallery, London.

Press Release

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  • 2016 | St James Hatcham Gallery /Fashion and Embodiment Workshop. Image credit: The Storytelling Wardrobe [Flyer]. London, UK.
  • 2016 | Other responses to hope and fear: Imaginary Friend. Hopes and Fears: Open Book Project, Issue 1, 60-61. London, UK.