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Into The Great Rivers & Mountains

In reminiscent of the extraordinary landscapes in the mountains, such as Mount Jerai, Mount Lintang, Mount HuangShan and Mount HuaShan; also the experiences of living in the unknown, and untouched-by-earth valleys in China, and playtime in the rubber estates, I think of making paintings about it. I think about the fresh air, the fishes in the streams, the cottages, the bushes, plants, trees, berries, leaves, the mud roads, etc. Let's project these memorable experiences on the canvas.

回想起那些山中非凡的风景,如日莱山、林塘山、黄山和华山;还有在内地不知名的、人迹罕至的山谷中生活的经历,以及在橡胶园玩耍的时光,我想画一些关于这些的画。我想把新鲜的空气、溪流中的鱼、小屋、灌木丛、植物、树木、浆果、树叶、泥泞的道路等, 投射到画布上。