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Hypermorph Garden 4.0 Series

The extra-long interconnected paintings about the mangroves (2021/22)

Hypermorph Garden 4.0 is a series of paintings featuring the flora, fauna, and historical speculations of the mangrove at Jetty Semeling, Kedah State in Malaysia.

The forest has splendid salt-tolerant trees. It provides a buffer zone to protect the land from wind and wave damage. Through this series of paintings, I hope to:

  1. Introduce the importance of mangroves;
  2. Promote the clean & green nature, the historical sites and attractions nearby the jetty;
  3. Initiate public awareness about protecting the natural landscape and the historical site from urbanization.

The series has 15 pieces of mixed media paintings, which the content on each canvas is interconnected to each other, to elaborate the scene at the mangrove forest. Each canvas is W122 x H152.5cm. The 15 pieces make the interconnected width to become 1,830cm.

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