Hypermorph Garden 6.0 (2023)


Acrylics & Ink on canvas
152.5 W x 122 H x 1.8 D cm

Ships in a Tube

Inspired by the historical remains at The Sungai Batu Kedah Tua Kingdom in Kedah, I used acrylics and ink to narrate the surrounded nature and my illusions about it. 

Archaeological excavations have indicated the existence of ancient ports and iron trade activities at the Sungai Batu Kedah Tua Kingdom. Also, the excavations have proven the existence of the earliest Malaysian civilisation dated back to 788BC. I visited the site several times to have a closed-up look of the remains. The stone-blocks, bushes, ancient mangroves, smelting furnace and destructed stone ground have instigated my imagination about the historical contexts. 

I made several drawings of the remains. The process of drawing dragged my vision and mind into historical illusions. As a result, I made this painting in reminiscent of the atmosphere and properties of the remains. Each of the calligraphic strokes is my way of drawing and writing about the illusions I had. 

The ruins took space of 4km square, and made along the Merbok river, ever wonder why it could survive all the monsoons? The massive mangrove forest has protected it for ages. Nevertheless, the mangrove also protected my city - Sungai Petani from high tide and flood.

The Sungai Batu Kedah Tua Kingdom is a hidden gem in Kedah. The remains are inspirational and the ancient mangroves is a precious contexts to the historical landscape. 

Hypermorph Garden 6.0 (2023) is signed on the back and includes my Certificate of Authenticity .

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